Stained Glass Brass


Wedding March - F. Mendelssohn

"Here Comes the Bride" - R. Wagner

"Prince of Denmark's" March - Jeremiah Clarke 

"Hornpipe" - G. F. Handel

Air on the G String - J.S. Bach

Sheep May Safely Graze - J.S. Bach

Rondo - J. J. Mouret


Music for Sacred Spaces:

Stained Glass Brass is comprised of five full-time professional musicians who regularly perform with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Florentine Opera Orchestra, Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra, Skylight Opera Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Brass Ensemble among many other ensembles throughout the mid-west.

The Stained Glass BrassStained Glass Brass performs sacred music that has stood the test of time for the past five centuries.  Throughout the liturgical year SGB has been heard at solemn and celebratory official installations, seminary commencements, church holidays, weddings and other festive occasions.

The Sacred Spaces concert series is born of the genuine delight seen in the eyes of congregation members for whom the SBG perform. Sacred Spaces concerts are custom-tailored to highlight the best work of the most important composers of your church. The concert interweaves commentary and personal reflections on the music and its effects on sacred spaces.

The format and structure of Sacred Spaces events are flexible to allow collaboration with resident clergy, instrumentalists and vocalists from your congregation. Programs feature masterpieces composed for the church by Bach, Beethoven, Britten, Bruckner, Byrd, Gibbons, Holst, Handel, Josquin, di Lasso, Mozart, Palestrina, Praetorius, Rutter, Scheidt, Tallis, Taverner, Vaughn-Williams among many others.

Wedding Ceremonies:

Stained Glass Brass provides the highest quality music for your wedding ceremony. Walk down the aisle to the most majestic music ever written. Bring an extra dimension to your ceremony through the rich, full sound of brass instruments.

Music transforms a beautiful wedding into a supremely memorable event. Serenade your guests with the world’s greatest music performed live by accomplished musical artists.

Please call us for a free consultation. We will assist you in selecting the right music for your wedding.

Prelude Music
Prelude music sets the mood, as your guests arrive. Special selections are often played for the seating of family and honored guests.

The Processional
is one of the wedding’s most dramatic moments. Stained Glass Brass will add pageantry and beauty to the bride’s procession One of the most popular processionals is Clarke’s “Trumpet Voluntary.”

Interlude and Communion Music
such as between readings or during the lighting of ceremonial candles is very effective. If your wedding is to include communion or mass, music can be used to highlight the presentation of the gifts, or during the communion itself.

The Recessional
As the just married couple walks down the aisle the sound of Stained Glass Brass will capture the happiness and exuberance of the moment. The theme of “Masterpiece Theatre” and the Hornpipe from Handel’s “Water Music,” are perfect examples.

The Postlude
Postlude music is performed as your guests leave the ceremony or greet you in the receiving line.

Holiday Concerts:

The Stained Glass Brass perform holiday favorites.

Available for lunch hour serenades, corporate parties,
and special holiday events.

Give the gift of holiday cheer with music.
Create an festive atmosphere for your employees, tenants, clients and guests.

Contact: Don Sipe at 414-332-7600 or email at: Don Sipe





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